Vees Cafe is your favorite organic cafe in Los Angeles. Therefore, we know a thing or two about organic foods. Here, we will outline four common misconceptions about eating organic:

MYTH: Eating organic is merely a trend.

Labelling food in the grocery store as organic may be relatively new, but organic farming as we know of it has been practiced for thousands of years. The organic food movement developed out of a push for the use of synthetic chemicals to promote crop growth in the 1940s. The organic food movement grew out of opposition to these chemicals, and remains thriving today.

MYTH: Eating organic makes no difference for the environment.

While organic farming is not the ultimate solution to our environmental problems, it follows specific standards that are generally better for the environment. For example, organic farming produces less pollution, doesn’t use pesticides, and conserves water.

MYTH: “Organic” is just a label that means nothing.

The standards to be labelled as “organic” are actually quite strict. Organic food sold in the US must meet certain standards made by the USDA. Organic farmers must not use toxic chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs.

MYTH: Organic foods have no additional health benefits.

Some people believe that there is no true difference between organic and nonorganic foods, but in reality, research indicates that organic foods are better for you. Without synthetic pesticides, plants are able to thrive and produce more phytochemicals, which enhances the nutrition of the plant.

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