You may be aware of the many health benefits of tea, such as reduced risk of such health concerns as high cholesterol and diabetes, but you may not realize that tea is more than just healthy and delicious; it actually serves many other purposes. Here are four uses for tea of which you may not have been aware.

Eliminate odors

Air fresheners that they sell in stores are full of chemicals and don’t truly eliminate odors, just mask them. When you need a way to eliminate odors in your home altogether, consider using tea bags. Tea absorbs the bad odors to really address the root of the problem. Place darjeeling or black tea bags in your bathroom, kitchen, or car to eliminate odors.

Repel insects

As if you needed another reason to love green tea, it is also a natural mosquito repellent. Make your deck a pest-less paradise by placing green tea leaves in a fireproof container and lighting them like a candle.

Fertilize your plants

Tea contains many nutrients that are beneficial to humans, but they are also great for plants. Once you have finished your cup of tea, bury the wet leaves in the soil of your plants, and watch as your plants thrive from the additional nutrients.

Clean your pots

Black tea contains tannic acid, which can act to lift grease off of your cookware. Next time you are doing the dishes, fill your pots with hot water and a teaspoon of black tea to make scrubbing easier.

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