When you walk into your favorite organic coffee shop in Los Angeles, you will see quite a few men and women in what appears to be a meeting. Meetings occur at coffee shops all the time, and many people do not really understand why this happens. Shouldn’t meetings take place in the privacy of a conference room? Not every working professional works in an office space that has an available conference room. There are now more freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and at-home business owners than ever before. A coffee shop in Los Angeles is the perfect location to hold a casual, caffeine-fueled meeting.

When a meeting location is difficult to obtain, just look to Vees Cafe. Like many other coffee shops around Los Angeles, we welcome patrons to sit down, relax, conduct meetings, or get their work done. Order your favorite tea or coffee drink, take a seat in one of our comfortable chairs, and pull out your portable electronic device. Meeting in our coffee shop creates a casual, relaxed atmosphere that helps build trust and a personal relationship. When your meeting runs longer than planned, just head back up to the counter to order another round of tea or coffee!

Vees Cafe only serves organically grown, sustainable coffee and tea products. Every drink is handcrafted to bring out the full flavor of the coffee beans. We put as much effort into brewing the perfect cup of coffee as our customers put into their in-shop meetings. We take pride in the fact that we are a premier organic coffee shop in Los Angeles. So come on in, order some coffee, and take a seat!