We all love our caffeine. Coffee is the kick-start that we need to get out of bed in the morning. Without coffee we show up at our final destination looking less than bright-eyed. Like most people, it is likely that you have a favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles that you stop into before work to get your daily dose of coffee goodness. Vees Cafe takes pride in the fact that they have repeat customers that make the journey to one of their locations to seek out the kick-start to their mornings. As an organic coffee shop in Los Angeles we understand what it takes to make a great coffee drink.

First off, more than 80% of the population drinks coffee on a daily basis. For those that are coffee-obsessed, the perfect bean and brew make or break a coffee shop. A bad brew can taste burnt and very bitter. This is not the case at Vees Cafe. All of our coffee is organically grown and brewed to perfection. Your cup o’ Joe or coffee/espresso drink will turn out perfectly in our deft hands!

We love coffee and we want everyone else to love it as well! Take a gander at the trends that are hitting the coffee industry this year. Here are some of the biggest coffee trends of 2015 according to Zagat:

  • Of those surveyed, 95% of people drink coffee at on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Women drink almost two cups of coffee a day while their male counterparts drink about 2.5 cups.
  • Almost 25% of people surveyed choose a great cup of black coffee as their drink of choice. Only 5% preferred flavored lattes.
  • 22% of people preferred to get their favorite coffee from a small, independent coffee shop.

Now it is time to stop into your new favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles, Vees Cafe, to taste the difference. Our organic coffee shop puts out some of the most flavorful and best-tasting coffee in the area. Coffee and all coffee related drinks are important to us so we strive for excellent preparation and perfect customer service! We look forward to brewing your favorite cup o’ Joe!