On the surface, it may appear that an americano and drip coffee are the same drink. Though it is understandable to make this assumption, nothing could be further from the truth. Vees Cafe wants to give you some insight on the difference in these two wonderful beverages so you can walk into the coffee shop down the street and be a bit more adventurous with your next coffee order.

blogphoto2_coffeeDrip Coffee

Ah, coffee. How many of us can’t go a day without our morning cup? Some of us are probably guilty of consuming multiple cups throughout the day. You’re probably familiar with the process of grinding up coffee beans (or buying pre-ground coffee), throwing a filter into the top of your coffee maker, filling the water basin, and watching the magic happen. Drip coffee is made when the water is poured over the grounds and the water pushes through the filter, bringing the flavor of the coffee with it. It drips into the carafe, making the all-too-familiar sound associated with early mornings. Drip coffee is standard, and is a great go-to coffee drink, especially when it comes to requiring little effort to prepare.


An americano is like espresso and drip coffee came together in one beautiful package and wrapped itself in a bow. To understand americanos, we need to talk about espresso first. Espresso is essentially a blend of dark roast coffee beans finely ground and tightly packed together. Rather than being brewed with hot water, you need a special machine that allows you to push steam through the fine grounds. This leads to a smaller, more concentrated drink.
For a quick history lesson: when U.S. troops were looking for coffee grounds in Europe during World War II, they were stuck with espresso. Not to be defeated by the lack of normal grounds, the soldiers added hot water to the espresso grounds in a larger cup. Doing this created the americano. So, this drink is essentially an espresso shot with some hot water added.

blogphoto1_coffeeCan’t Decide?

We understand why you’re reluctant to let go of your black coffee. It’s a friend, it’s familiar, you’re afraid of change. However, if you’re feeling a little adventurous without wanting to pump your veins full of sugar, an americano is a perfect change of pace. This drink is perfect for those who want the great flavor but aren’t ready for the concentrated two ounce punch of an espresso. Another thing to consider is the caffeine content of these drinks. While it may seem counterintuitive, 12 ounces of drip coffee actually contains more caffeine than the usual two ounce shot of espresso present in an americano. So, if you really need an energy boost, a double or even triple shot americano will do the trick if you are trying to branch out from your usually black coffee with room.
It can be difficult to leave your usual coffee order behind, but sometimes a change is good. If you are stuck deciding between an americano or drip coffee, use this information to make your decision a little easier. Once you’ve decided, stop by Vees Coffee and try our organic coffee drinks today!