The health food trend has taken the world by storm. With more awareness on what is entering our bodies there is far more awareness on where the food is actually coming from. Not all farming is created the same. Without proper knowledge farming practices were wreaking havoc on the planet and were parts of the land were lost due to unsustainable farming practices. There is even a greater push for organic farming practices that do away with harmful chemicals and deforestation practices.

Coffee is the most widely available, legal, stimulant on the planet. It also happens to be one of the most traded commodities in the world! Not all coffee is grown in an environmentally friendly way. Non-organic coffee growing practices can be extremely harmful to the sensitive ecosystems that they are a part of. Acres of rainforest has been demolished to make way for non-organic coffee producers. Vees Cafe has made a point to only buy and serve organic coffee products in both of our locations.

Organic coffee beans start off as green! They only turn brown after the roasting process has been complete. Technically a coffee bean is really part of the berry that is grown on the coffee tree! Each coffee tree yields roughly 1 pound of coffee beans per year! Organic coffee sales hit an all time high at $1.4 billion in North America alone! More and more Americans are concerned with the fate of the environment and are willing to purchase organic coffee over other non-sustainable choices!

Now we all know that there is a need and market for coffee. Many people cannot get through the day without at least one cup of their favorite blend. With that being said, visit Vees Cafe. Not only do we serve organic, sustainable coffee, we serve some of the best coffee beverages in Boyle Heights and West Adams! We look forward to your business! Remember, buy organic!