Organic foods are becoming a staple in grocery stores across the United States. People are becoming more health conscious and recognizing that chemically grown foods are negatively affecting health. Back before the invention of pesticides and genetically modified organisms, all food was grown organically. The term “organic” refers to the farming process which is completed to conserve soil and water. Organically grown foods will not leach chemicals into the ground or the water. An organic cafe in Los Angeles will receive all of their produce from local organic farms.

Traditional farming practices use chemical or synthetic pesticides to control animal, insect, and weed populations within the crops. People are finding that residue from the pesticides will remain on the fruits or vegetables. If these products are improperly cleaned there is a small chance that residue from pesticides can be ingested. Excess pesticides will also leach into the ground and into the ground water. After only a few years of pesticide treatment, the soil may lose all of its natural nutrients leading to a barren field that will not be able to support growth. Non-organic farming has also been linked to pollution. Organic foods will also decrease the amounts (ban or restrict) of food additives. Buying organic will mean that individuals will ingest less chemicals and additives that can have a negative impact on health.

Organic foods can be higher in cost but they are much more economically conscious. An organic cafe in West Adams or Boyle Heights will give individuals a location to visit when they are searching for all-natural and tasty foods. When you find the perfect organic cafe such as Vees Cafe, you will find a menu that is brimming with all-natural, environmentally friendly, and tasty foods. It’s time to take control of what vitamins and nutrients you are putting into your body. Settle for nothing less than all-natural with Vees Cafe!