Coffee aficionados know what the perfect cup of coffee should taste like. Yet, brewing the perfect cup is not always the easiest task in the world. We all know what it feels like to take the first sip of coffee that we hand ground and put into our trusty coffee pot, only to find out that it tastes acidic and burnt. How is is that an organic coffee shop in Los Angeles can take the same beans and turn a cup of coffee into a masterpiece? Maybe it’s time that you skip home-brewed coffee so that you can buy your favorite organic coffee from Vees Cafe in Boyle Heights on your way to work.  

Vees Cafe brews the best organic coffee in Los Angeles because we put a crazy amount of care into each cup. We follow very specific rules, and use nothing but the best beans to create each cup of delectable coffee. Here are a few reasons why our organic coffee will help kick start your morning:

  • Fresh Beans: Vees Cafe brews coffee beans within a few days of being roasted. This will ensure that each cup is bold, flavorful, and fresh tasting.
  • Fresh Grinding: Vees Cafe never buys ground coffee beans. We grind all of our beans right before we brew our coffee. We know that pre-ground coffee begins to lose flavor, so we are very conscientious not to grind until we need the beans.
  • Water: The water that is used to brew coffee has a huge effect on the overall flavor. We never use softened or highly mineralized water when we brew our coffee. We don’t want our customers to taste the water, we want the flavor of our organic coffee beans to shine though.

If you have never tried our organic coffee here in Boyle Heights, today is the day. Stop into a Vees Cafe location for one of the best cups of coffee you have ever tried. While you’re here you can even satisfy your hunger with our fantastic menu of organic foods!