As an organic coffee shop, we know the appeal of beautiful latte art well. When you come into Vees Cafe, we can offer you a variety of lattes and other espresso drinks with foam art for you to enjoy. However, when you are at home and want to indulge in a delicious latte with some beautiful foam art, here is how you can make latte art yourself at home:

Step One: Start by making your espresso and steaming your milk. You should prepare three ounces of milk for every ounce of espresso. For best presentation, use whole milk and steam it to between 140 and 160 degrees.

Step Two: Get rid of any bubbles in the milk by swirling it around in the pitcher and pounding it on the counter.

Step Three: Pour your espresso in your cup first.

Step Four: Pick up your cup and tip it toward you at a 45 degree angle.

Step Five: Pour the milk into your espresso in the middle of the cup while holding the pitcher high in the air.

Step Six: Once your cup is 80 percent full, move the pitcher closer to the cup and make ripples by shaking your hand slightly.

Step Seven: Lift the pitcher higher again and make a line down the center so it points at the bottom.

Now that you know how to make latte art, you are ready to show off your skills to all your friends! Come to Vees Cafe in Los Angeles for organic coffee and food you will love.