If you are an organic coffee lover like us at Vees Cafe, you may think you are a coffee expert. However, chances are, you aren’t familiar with these odd facts about coffee! Here are some fun facts to enjoy over your next cup of joe:

  • Legend has it that Ethiopian shepherds were the first to discover coffee’s caffeination after noticing the high energy dancing of their goats after consuming coffee berries.
  • The most expensive coffee is the world is called Kopi Luwak, and it costs 600 dollars a pound. It is made from coffee beans that are consumed and then excreted by Sumatran wild cats!
  • Coffee was banned by sixteenth century Muslim rulers because of its stimulating effects.
  • Espresso was invented by a Belgian man named George Washington (not the US president!) in 1906.
  • The only state in the United States that grows coffee is Hawaii.
  • Coffee beans are actually a seed inside of a red berry!
  • After oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world.
  • You begin to feel the caffeinated effects of coffee only ten minutes after your first sip!
  • The first webcam in history starred a coffee pot! In 1991, scientists at Cambridge University set up the first webcam to stream their coffee pot so they could determine whether there was coffee in the office or not.

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