When perusing our menu, you may have noticed that we have yerba mate listed under “Category of Their Own.” This is because yerba mate is truly unique.

What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is a naturally caffeinated plant from South Africa. It is used to create yerba mate tea, which has been consumed by the people of the South African rainforest for centuries. This delicious beverage is naturally stimulating, delicious, and provides a variety of benefits.

The Benefits

Increases focus

One of the great things about yerba mate tea is that it gives you the enhanced clarity and focus that you get from drinking coffee, but without the negative side effects some people experience with caffeine, such as jitters and headaches. Drinkers of yerba mate report better ability to focus after their morning cup.

Enhances endurance

Yerba mate tea stimulates the metabolism, causing your body to utilize carbohydrates more efficiently. This means that regular yerba mate tea drinkers are able to make better use of the energy they intake, giving them greater physical endurance. In addition, yerba mate may prevent lactic acid from building up in the muscles, making it a good beverage to drink for recovery from exercise as well.

Aids weight control

As mentioned above, yerba mate tea stimulates the metabolism. Therefore, regularly drinking yerba mate tea can help you burn more calories. Additionally, as a stimulant, yerba mate works as an appetite suppressant, preventing you from overeating. If you are concerned with weight control, yerba mate tea may help you.

These are only some of the many benefits of drinking yerba mate tea. Ready for a cup? Come into Los Angeles’ favorite organic cafe, Vees Cafe, today.