Organic food and agriculture has become much more common and lucrative around the world. With more health conscious individuals choosing to eat organically grown food, organic agriculture has been on a steady incline. Sustainable agricultural practices ensure that every organic cafe and healthy home has a fresh supply of food. With more than 15,000 different organic farms within the U.S., eating healthy can be an affordable option for everyone.

According to Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AMRC), since 2002, there has been over a 200% increase in certified organic farms and processing facilities. While there are organic farms and processing plants in all 50 states, it was found that over 20% of these farms and facilities could be found in California. Also, AMRC has shown that organic spending has increased exponentially since 2008. Unfortunately this means that less than 10% of all food-related spending is organic. As more people become more health conscious and more organic farms and facilities begin to break ground, spending will continue to increase.

Organic cafes have been popping up around the nation to feed individuals that live an organic lifestyle. Business men and women saw the need for organic, healthy restaurants, and have begun to fill that niche. It is not surprising that one of the first locations to jump on the organic cafe train was Los Angeles. With such a huge demand for organic restaurants, Vees Cafe was established. Since it’s inception, Vees Cafe has made it’s way into two different areas of Los Angeles; Boyle Heights and West Adams. Stop in today for some of the tastiest organic food and drinks that you have ever tried!