It was only a matter of time before Americans started to become more health conscious. As Californians we can say that we were ahead of the health trend! Organic foods, non-GMO, and organic cafes have been a feature of our beautiful state for years. A healthy and organic lifestyle is a choice that each individual can make. In a state that is famous for sunshine, surf, wine and food, it is only natural that organic foods have gained popularity.

At Vees Cafe, we pride ourselves on being a Top-Rated Local® organic cafe in Los Angeles. We believe that it is only right that people understand the difference between organic and non-organic foods. Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Only natural fertilizers and weed control systems are applied to organic foods. Organic farming reduces water contamination and preserves the soil. Organic foods also restrict the use of preservatives or additives. This means that your organic foods will be missing chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, waxes, and food coloring. Any food that uses the term “Organic” must use at least 95% organic farming techniques and ingredients. “100% Organic” labels are only given to foods and products that use 100% organic farming techniques or ingredients.

Vees Cafe is the organic cafe of choice for Los Angeles natives. Each of our locations will provide customers with amazing food and beverages. All of our products are organic. Even our coffee is brewed with beans that come from sustainable coffee farms. Not only are we health conscious, we are Earth conscious. We believe in eating well and preserving the Earth for our children’s children.