A lot of people would fight tooth and nail if their morning cup of coffee was taken away from them. Now that the health craze has reached a new high, people of all ages are reaching for organic products! Organic foods and drink are much healthier and help preserve the Earth for future generations. Unfortunately not many restaurants are switching to the organic coffee trend in Los Angeles. Thankfully Vees Cafe only serves organic coffee, tea, and food in both of their Los Angeles locations.

When you are deciding whether or not you will change over to the organic coffee trend, take a look at these facts:

  • There are no chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers that are used in the growing or processing of organic coffee. This means that you will not be ingesting any foreign chemicals that can adversely affect your health!
  • Organic coffee offers safer working conditions to the farmers. Without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, these farmers will not be exposed to chemicals that can affect their health.
  • Organic farming practices are much better for the environment. No chemicals or harsh farming practices will be used on the farm land. No chemicals will leach into the dirt or the ground water. Less chemicals means less air, water, and land pollution!
  • There is almost a unanimous consensus among coffee lovers that organic coffee tastes better! All you will taste are the natural flavors of the beans!
  • Organic coffee beans are becoming more widely available due to the increase in consumption.

Go ahead, give organic coffee in Los Angeles a try. We can almost guarantee that you will never want to go back to your traditional, chemically treated coffee beans after your visit to Vees Cafe. The taste and the decreased health risks of organic coffee are sure to sway you towards organic coffee beans! Go ahead, keep drinking your morning cup of Joe, but switch to organic.