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French Toast

Go Decadent with French Toast


There’s nothing quite as decadent for breakfast then French toast. When you are in Los Angeles, CA, you can stop into our Café in order to enjoy the egg-dipped bread, grilled to perfection and served with plenty of maple syrup.


At Vees Café, we’re here to make you the kind of breakfast that you can’t get enough of. French toast is piled high on the plate. Plus, you can add all sorts of sides – oatmeal, turkey bacon, roasted potatoes, and more. It ensures that you get the kind of hearty breakfast that you need.


In addition to French toast, we offer breakfast burritos, classic egg breakfasts, waffles, and more. If you’re bringing the kids, we have a fun kids menu for them for breakfast, too. It ensures that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal first thing in the morning. Plus, don’t forget a latte or cappuccino.

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