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Explore Pasta for Lunch or Dinner


At Vees Café in Los Angeles, CA, we are excited to offer a variety of pasta dishes. These are available for lunch or dinner, ensuring that you get a hearty meal. All of our meals are cooked with love, and you can taste it in every bite.


Our Vees Café Classic is penne pasta with mixed vegetables and a cream and pesto sauce. You can enjoy it the way that it is as a vegetarian dish or choose to add shrimp or chicken to it so that it’s even more filling.


We have other pasta dishes, too. Plus, you can enjoy a side salad, try something decadent for dessert, and more. Our dinner menu is loaded with amazing dishes so there’s something for everyone.


When you’re looking for a delicious dinner in LA, we have you covered. Visit us for a meal you won’t soon forget today.

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