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Discover Our Delicious Sandwiches


Delicious sandwiches are only a bite away. When you are in Los Angeles, CA, you can stop into Vees Café in order to explore a full menu of amazing sandwiches – many made with organic ingredients.


You can enjoy sandwiches for breakfast or lunch. Our breakfast sandwiches feature eggs, bacon, provolone, and all sorts of other delicious ingredients. Our lunch sandwiches give you the choice of bread as well as all sorts of premium ingredients ranging from buffalo mozzarella to black Forest ham.


We want to make sure that you have a full meal that you love – which is why we use high-quality ingredients. Plus, you can make all the customizations that you want, including adding a variety of sides for a more filling meal.


We make it easy for you to enjoy the meal when and where you want. You can choose to place an order online or visit us during any of our operating hours.

Try Our Phenomenal Sandwiches


There’s nothing quite like good sandwiches to get your day going. We offer breakfast sandwiches as well as lunch sandwiches. Plus, you can find some incredible flavor combinations that will leave you reeling afterward. All you have to do is stop in to try our sandwiches.


At Vees Cafe, we take pride in our menu. Our sandwiches aren’t just meet and mayonnaise and bread. We use organic field greens, homemade sauces, and much more. You can add turkey bacon, fresh avocado, and more as a way to customize them to your specifications.


Plus, depending on whether you are eating these for breakfast or lunch, we offer plenty of different sides, allowing you to make it a full meal. You may want sweet potato fries on the side of your lunch sandwich or you may want roasted potatoes on the side of your breakfast sandwich. Either way, we look forward to accommodating you.

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