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Boost Your Day with a Latte


When’s the last time that you had a really good latte? Often, coffee shops skimp on the good stuff – leaving you with much to be desired. When you are in Los Angeles, CA, you can count on us to serve up a great mug of goodness.


At Vees Café, we make it easy for you to get a delicious caffeine boost. We can make your latte to your specifications – whole milk, almond milk, you name it. Plus, we have flavors to add – caramel, mocha, and more. It allows you to enjoy every sip.


You can have a latte to go so that you can drink it on your way to work. You can also choose to have it in a mug as you hang out with us in the café. We have a full breakfast menu, tempting you with everything from breakfast burritos to French toast.


Stop in today to see more of what we have to offer and ask for a latte.

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